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Solo Atlantic Row 2017



The World's Toughest Row

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


David Weston


  1. Welcome onboard Staffordshire University
    17 Nov, 2017
    Welcome onboard Staffordshire University
    I am thrilled to welcome onboard Staffordshire University as a sponsor for this epic challenge.
  2. Ravi is off
    26 Oct, 2017
    Ravi is off
    Ravi is off to the start line in La Gomera
  3. 58 days until the race starts
    14 Oct, 2017
    58 days until the race starts
    We are closing in quickly on race start day, only 58 days and counting!
  4. Nearly Race Ready
    27 Sep, 2017
    Nearly Race Ready
    We are so close to finishing Ravi, good job with the start less than 80 days away.
  5. Harquebus
    25 Aug, 2017
    I am thrilled to announce that Harquebus will be our headline sponsor for the challenge. You can check them out at
  6. Ravi is looking good
    26 Jul, 2017
    Ravi is looking good
    Ravi is looking good, seen here at a fundraising day. A lot of work to do and 26k still needed to get to the start line.
  7. Wez
    29 Jun, 2017
    What an absolute thrill to welcome Colin Gregor onboard. Colin, the former Scotland 7s Captain, will be helping with my mental and physical preparation. Very exciting!
  8. Update
    27 Jun, 2017
    So what have we been up to?.....Ravi (the boat) is still with Leven Brown for upgrade work to ensure that we are race rules compliant. We should be reunited late July. We continue to look for both individual and corporate sponsorship to enable the challenge, we require £30k to get to the start line. All the money raised will be used to purchase the kit and equipment required which will then all be sold for the charities. We are raising money for the British Heart Foundation and the Intelligence
  9. We welcome Sandstone Communications to the team
    11 Jun, 2017
    We welcome Sandstone Communications to the team
    I'm really excited to welcome onboard Sandstone Communications as a kit and equipment sponsor. Tim, the Managing Director, has kindly offered to provide all my wet weather kit for the challenge. You can check them out via Facebook @sandstonecomms and at